ANNA CAMPBELL: Handmade Wedding Dress

They love getting to know their brides, so it’s only fair that you can get to know Anna Campbell too!

From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia Anna’s natural love for design, romance and all things that sparkle inspired the dream that is Anna Campbell. A range of decadently hand-beaded headpieces and accessories soon expanded into a collection of hand-embellished, vintage-inspired lace gowns, and from here the Anna Campbell story truly began…

Traditional? I don’t think so! We don’t want to get married looking like your average bride. And neither do you! Inspired by the romantic decadence of times gone by. Yet influenced by the relaxed, carefree elegance of modern weddings. Here at Anna Campbell the young team lives to create breathtakingly beautiful dresses that are memorable, sexy and romantic. Designed to enhance your natural beauty and ensure you will sparkle on the inside and out!

What matters to you, matters to Anna Campbell. And so all the dresses continue to be ethically and expertly hand-made using traditional techniques by artisans in the local Melbourne studio. And intricate, shimmering embellishments are similarly finished in-house.

From the beautiful collection of dresses that Anna designs each year, every incredible silk gown is completely customisable and unique to you. From fit, skirt style and even sparkle, your wedding dress is handmade specially for you. Tailored to your shape, style, wedding and dreams! Yet exquisite detailing is the thread that runs through all collections. From sparkling embellishments and incredible hand-beaded laces. For which each bead and sequin is carefully sewn by hand. To laser-cut laces and the most delicate of trimmings. Each are visible in Anna Campbell dresses and accessories alike.

Launched onto the global stage in 2010, Anna Campbell is now a regular at New York Bridal Week. And is available in leading bridal boutiques across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

A strong believer in creativity with heart. Anna Campbell will always design locally for brides globally. So wherever you might be in the world – let’s do this!


The Spirit Collection lies at the heart of Anna Campbell. Featuring vintage-inspired dresses for true Anna Campbell brides! Designed to celebrate the natural, sparkling beauty of the brides, each gown will shimmer down the aisle with you!

anna campbell


Pearl and silver hand-beading sparkle over the bust and low back of the Madison, creating a bohemian bridal and relaxed silhouette.

Customisable just for you, the Madison has multiple skirt options available, from a full, flowing organza, to an ethereal silk tulle that that will trail after your ever step.

Hand made in Melbourne, Australia.

100% silk, bust and lining.

Several silk and lace skirt options available, so you can create your dream Madison dress! All skirt options include a modern, in-built train, easily bustled with one silk or lace covered button.

Ivory and pearl-toned hand-beaded embellishment across the bodice and back.

Shaped sweetheart bust with padding.

Low, draped back, finished with the classic Anna Campbell silk bow.


Anna Campbell designed the Madison for a relaxed, bohemian bride, dreaming of a summery wedding, it is so beautiful styled with fresh flowers through the brides hair!”

anna campbell
anna campbell
anna campbell
anna campbell


The Adelaide is for the free-spirited at heart. Soft tulle adorned with a shimmering hand-embellishment drapes delicately over the bodice and shoulders of the bride.

Customisable just for you, the Adelaide has multiple skirt options available, from a flowing, ethereal silk tulle, to a slimline ivory lace.

  • Hand made in Melbourne, Australia.
  • 100% silk, bust and lining.
  • Sparkling, silver hand-beaded embellishment across the bodice of the gown.
  • Shaped sweetheart bust with padding
  • Low, open back, finished with a silk bow.
  • All skirt options include a modern, in-built train that is easily bustled with a silk or lace covered button.

Anna Campbell remember designing the Adelaide dress, and falling in love with the whimsical, dreamy sleeves, they make you feel like you could just fly away!”

anna campbell
anna campbell
anna campbell
anna campbell
anna campbell
anna campbell

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