Wedding Trends for 2017: The Hottest New

The new year brings new ideas for all things wedding trends, from invitations to flowers, cocktails to cake…and more!

wedding trends
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Wedding Trends: The Look

Timeless chic coupled with the all-important wow factor: Here’s how it’s going to play out in 2017.

Vintage glamour (with a twist).

Picture an industrial warehouse decked out with ornate, over-the-top centerpieces and set aglow with strands of twinkling lights and candles. You get the picture: a whimsical mash-up of old and new.

For the love of pink.

 Blush rose, to be exact, remains the “it” wedding color. Rhiannon Bosse, owner of Hey Gorgeous Events in Michigan, has dubbed blush a “now and forever” shade, because it’s both trending and timeless.

wedding trends
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Wedding Trends: Encore metallics.

 Brides continue to embrace copper, rose gold, and pewter because they’re so versatile.

Not only do they work with other colors for a look that’s at once relaxed and fun.

They are ideal tones for a black-tie evening.

Pro tip: “Use shine strategically,” says Sarah Chancey, founder of Chancey Charm Weddings, in Atlanta and 11 other cities.

“Metallic linens on every table is too much: better to save the shine for the head and display tables.”

wedding trends
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Wedding Trends: Surprise settings.

Today’s couples want a wedding that will blow their guests away, and one of the key elements to an unforgettable event is the choice of venue.

Any place with a large plot of land or a distinct building.

Or both  will allow couples to really personalize their wedding and help them tell their unique story.

Make it work!

If it’s not practical to book a unique wedding venue,. Lofts and tents will give couples more room to get creative.

Or book unique place like Cala Clemence space with a jaw-droppingly fantastic view!

wedding trends
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Wedding Trends: The Flowers

These pretty petals are more than simply lovely to look at — they’re memory makers.

Swoon-worthy blooms.

Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other “soft-petal” blooms are the top-requested flowers from coast to coast.

And for good reason. “They epitomize romance.

Peonies, in particular are in high demand, with one planner noting that some brides will time their weddings to take place when peonies are in peak season.

Loose rose petals, used as a “garland” or runner atop tables or scattered among floating candles, are another trend that’s coming on strong.

Flights of fancy.

Tall glass trumpet vases are making a comeback.

They allow for large, lush arrangements, but they sit above guests’ heads.

So it’s easy for conversation.

Similarly, Bosse is seeing a renaissance of linear, more tailored centerpieces, as opposed to the loose.

Fresh-picked” style that’s been popular in recent years.

These structured arrangements fall in line with the trend toward a more classic wedding look overall.

Sophisticated whimsy.

At the other end of the trend spectrum,  flowering plants like king. And pink-ice protea, along with assorted bold tropical blooms and small potted plants.

Lend a dose of stateliness for brides who want arrangements that feel natural and organic — yet elegant.

Mix it up.

Few brides want their tables to look “too perfectly organized”.

They want a more eclectic feel.

Create the look by using a mix of containers and featuring two or three different centerpiece designs.

Still going strong!

 Hanging floral centerpieces aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. “Instant wow! What’s not to love?”


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